Still Half My Size - by Susie Elelman

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Still Half My Size details simple changes that I’ve discovered that can be easily implemented and incorporated into your life to immediately improve the way you look and feel. The aim of this book is not to tell you how to do anything ... but rather to show you ways that you can realistically achieve results, your way! 

You’ll learn what foods can change the chemicals in our brain to make it extremely difficult, sometimes impossible, for us to summon the willpower needed to not overindulge and in turn, to not shed the kilos nor keep them off. This book is not designed to get you to live like me. Quite the contrary! You will actually have more of a chance of succeeding if you do it your way. I examine why some of us overeat and what triggers overeating for me. We analyse your food fuel and what mix is best to keep your motor running at peak performance. 

Included are simple steps that can be put in place so you don’t have to deny yourself the things you enjoy. As well, I suggested some interesting ways to burn off your fuel intake so you look and feel good about yourself on both the inside and the outside

Susie Elelman - AMC Ambassador